Thursday, 27 June 2019

Short but Comprehensive Comparison Between iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 6

It is not quite difficult to understand that Apple has been working to make the iPad a replacement of laptop. For this purpose, Apple is all set to release the iPadOS which is a dedicated operating system to be run on the iPads. And it surely promises to rectify a number of limitations which seem to be the features of iPads.

This operating system update will be available in the fall this year. It is going to be a free upgrade for the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini (released earlier this year), all the iPad Pros, the 2017 iPad, the 2018 iPad and the iPad Mini 4. Nevertheless, you can get the public beta now if you want to test the operating system to see how it will look like. You can install this operating system on 1-inch 2018 iPad Pro.

One of the features that have attracting attention from the customers is the operating system’s support to Bluetooth mouse. This very feature seems quite capable of converting an iPad into a fully functional laptop but, in reality, it is not there yet, according to many of the experts. This feature is hidden deep in the accessibility menu. This accessibility of the feature shows that it is available only for the customers who do not like to use the touchscreens.

It means that you might not want to compare it with the Microsoft's Surface Pro 6 which is definitely a better laptop replacement. There may be some feature overlaps but the overall comparison between the both may help you decide about picking the one based on your specific interests.

Operating system
While iPad pro may get a step closer to the MacBook with the help of the due OS upgrade, it is not going to provide the flexibility at the level of a full Windows 10 Pro, which the Surface Pro runs. It is worth mentioning here that Windows 10 enjoys the capability to install and run a wide range of applications. On the other hand, iPadOS will have to be dependent on what is going to be available in the Apple’s App Store.

If you look closely, it will not be too difficult to figure out that iOS is not capable of handling multiple applications in the same way as Windows 10 can on Surface Pro 6. Although the newer versions of iOS have gotten quite better in terms of enabling the users to switch between the tasks and iPadOS looks even more promising, they still have a long way to go in order to catch up with what a full Windows platform has to offer.

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