Thursday, 27 June 2019

A Brief Review about Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air has got the much anticipated reboot in the year 2018. Although it retains the name, every other feature of this notebook has been changed. These changes mainly include new 8th-gen Intel Core i5 CPU, more options for RAM and SSD, a high-res Retina display, and USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports. Although this new laptop is still called MacBook Air, it is also called MacBook Pro Lite, which it really is.

Previous version of MacBook Air was a laptop for everyone from college students to entrepreneurs. This is the reason that this laptop gained its reputation as the single most universally useful laptop you can have.

The reason for the need of rebooting of this version is the competition which has been moving towards high resolution displays, thin bezels, larger touchpads, regular component upgrades, and lighter bodies.

While this new laptop has been successful in fixing the issues which made the previous version needing upgrades, it comes with a couple of its own features which make this laptop a better fit. This laptop is larger than 12-inch MacBook but smaller than 13-inch Pro. Moreover, it is quite different than classic MacBook Air. In other words, this laptop is more like a half-step between a 12-inch MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The price of MacBook Air has also been raised. Previous version of MacBook Air was available at a price of $999 which is obviously not a low price. However, it was something quite cheaper for the ones who wanted to get a luxury item. The new price of this laptop is $1,199. However, this laptop is still cheaper than 12-inch MacBook or 13-inch basic MacBook Pro. In this scenario, it is quite important to do a price vs. features comparison.
  • MacBook Pro is more expensive, more powerful and less portable
  • 12-inch MacBook is more expensive, less powerful but highly portable

Both of these laptops excel in different areas. And not both of the laptops are for everyone. So, the $100 cheaper new MacBook Air serves as the middle option between the two extremes.

Body of the laptop
The MacBook Air feels light the moment you pick it up. This laptop has a weight of 2.7 pounds and it is 15-millimeter thick. There are other systems which are 10mm thick but their batteries are not quite powerful and they lack the processing power too. The new MacBook Air can safely be placed in the category of slim laptops but it cannot be termed as a leader in the category.

The major positive about this laptop is the design of the screen. The thick bezel bordering around the edges is half as compared to its previous version. And there an edge-to-edge glass overlay.

Another feature of this laptop is the butterfly keyboard which is quite better than most of the other Apple computers. It provides amazing typing experience. Moreover, the laptop has a larger touchpad, making the cursor movement quite easier.

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